A proven project lead for various companies who led the resources to achieve project’s objectives. Support the team by providing ideas to solve the issues. Known for learning new technologies and solutions which benefits the organization to achieve its goals.

Experience Summary

ComTel Solutions Pte. Ltd

Senior Software Engineer: July 2010 – Present

  • I am working with “Omni Offshore Terminals Pte. Ltd”, who provide FSO and FPSO solutions to oil and gas industry
  • As their principle IT resource, I participated in and lead many activities in the company like new application development, deploying new IT systems into company infrastructure and maintaining the IT infrastructure in the premises as well as ships.
  • Streamlined the IT systems and processes to meet their end objective as an efficient and dependable systems
  • Worked with companywide stakeholders to drive new concepts and systems to help in their line of business
  • Worked with external vendors to roll out new document management system
  • Lead the process of remote deployment, configuration and troubleshoot the IT issues with company assets like FSOs
  • Changed the company application’s landscape from mere data entry into data intensive, analytical and reporting systems which provides grater insights into the daily operations and long term planning.

Total E-Biz Solutions Pte. Ltd

Senior Software Engineer: September 2008 – June 2010

  • As a senior software engineer, I got an excellent opportunity to work with Singapore government organizations.
  • Successfully designed and deployed bespoke solutions for various clients
  • Explored new technologies like VSTO, Microsoft InfoPath to meet the client’s requirements
  • Closely worked with IT Infra team to rollout VPN solutions as well as Team Foundation Services to streamline the development and testing processes
  • Developed several reusable libraries to speed-up the development process
  • Participated in full SDLC from requirements gathering to deployment

Aurona Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Senior Software Engineer: March 2007 – August 2008

  • As a senior software engineer, I got the opportunity to work with UK based clients.
  • Successfully designed and deployed video content management platforms.
  • Developed content encoding server using On2 Flex Engine and Windows Media Encoder to encode uploaded videos into FLV and WMV formats respectively.
  • Created Windows Rights Management server for video content to protect from unauthorized downloads.
  • Integrated the payment gateway from Datacash into various solutions.
  • Participated in design, development of the solutions

Project Leadership Associates Pvt. Ltd

Freelance Consultant March 2003 – February 2007

  • As a contract consultant, I was involved in developing some modules of the various systems
  • Conducted numerous training sessions for the dev teams on .NET, ASP.NETSoftware engineering methodologies, design patterns and etc.


Following are the various projects that are led by me for last 5 years at Omni Offshore Terminals.

Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

A PMS is a mandatory system to have for any organization that is operating Ships on the open seas. The primary objective of PMS is to stream line maintenance schedule on the ship as well as providing historical records of the maintenance so far executed onboard.

The primary goal of this project is to replace existing system with new interface and business logic. But the problem is it is not possible to replace the existing system completely since it is very much integrated into organization’s ERP. In fact PMS is an integrated system of ERP that was implemented over 20 year ago.

With that, the tasks in my hand are:

  1. To build a new system without changing existing data structure.
  2. To have all the features of the existing system
  3. Should meet proposed current and future changes

That’s the whole description of work given to me. This is pretty much the SRS of that project.

My first task is to reverse engineer existing system by understanding database as well as analyzing the behavior of system with data changes. This is a very tedious job to do since we don’t have any manuals to read about the system. I sat with my colleagues in many informal meetings to get the information regarding the operational procedures as well as the features of the system that they use more often. With that information I created a draft SRS myself to depend.

With draft SRS I met with the key stake holders like superintends, HSEQ managers, Ship’s Captains and Ship’s Chef Engineers to validate and fine tune the requirements. The key challenges are as follow;

  1. We need workflows that run on two independent-dependent systems. One part of PMS runs on Ship and another one on Office. There will be no direct line of communication over internet.
  2. Data transmission is on AMOS® Connect® system which runs on SATCOM as well as TCP/IP. Therefore the data footprint should be very minimal as user can change between those two protocols any time without a notice.
  3. System should support attachments in terms of documents, images and even videos.
  4. Should not disrupt the business operations and should be always available.

We are able to deliver the system with given requirements in less than 6 months. The system is current running all our vessels and providing all vital details related to maintenance of our precious ships. We used .NET Framework 4.0 and ASP.NET to develop the whole system. The Oracle 11g is our database and NHibernate as our ORM to speed up the development. We also used Telerik® RAD Controls for ASP.NET for speedy development of all the screens. We also developed few tools to handle the attachments from the system.

To rollout the system, we created batch scripts to automate whole deployment process  on the vessels that includes;

  1. Publishing the website on the IIS
  2. Working with file shares as well as permissions
  3. Working with SQL scripts and Oracle

Operations Portal (

  1. This is an umbrella system which included many other systems
  2. System uses forms authentication with duel authentication channels. For internal/organization users system proceeds with AD verification and for external users system proceeds with database verification of the user
  3. Developed using .NET 4.0, Fluent NHibernate® and NET
  4. For UI, we used Telerik® RAD controls
  5. System depends on WCF services extensively for AJAX calls and as APIs for other systems
  6. System uses Workflows to manage action tracking which are developed under Workflow Foundation (WF). We used SQL Server ® to persist the workflow state.
  7. System depends on Windchill® from PTC® and custom file store to store the files across different modules. Since Windchill® does not expose any API for .NET, we developed JAVA® web service which will be consumed by Portal.
  8. System uses SignalR to enable real time communication of different stakeholders from different geographical locations.
  9. This is the central system where all operations related activities takes place
  10. Contains a dashboard to show all the key data like, KPIs, Tasks pending, Daily reports from vessels, Staff movement, PMS insights and many more.
  11. Maintains security in terms of roles and data level restrictions
  12. Maintains uniform look and feel, navigation and actions.
  13. This system consists of many other systems as modules and those are
    1. PMS has all the management screens for the office. These include, managing the systems, locations, maintenance jobs, system and job change requests and their approvals. System also provides the screens to manage deferment requests from across the fleet. System also maintains history of activities and shows them in a timeline view.
    2. Action Tracking and Management used to track all the meetings and actions for Ops team. We used WF (Workflow Foundation) to implement the workflow. Various modules under portal can push the actionable items which require tracking and follow-up. User can choose the category of the action from 13 categories which results into a unique workflow path.
    3. Emergency Management being used to manage the emergency situation on the vessel. The main objective is to converge various information segments regarding the vessel to one point where users can easily have access to. This also enables all the stakeholders from any geographical location to interact each other in real time. This system also tracks the activities during the emergency management. User can use this system to conduct drills as well. All the actionable items will be tracked through the Action Tracking and Management system. This helps the organization to hone the processes and strategies during the emergency.
    4. Daily Reports module is critical to the Ops teams to monitor the daily activities happening on board a vessel. The Master/Captain or CE on board a ship will report the activities into almost 16 categories and attaches various documents. System uses this data for trend analysis and searches the activities over a period of time. This empowers the users to effectively monitor the activities that may lead into potential outcomes. This also helps the Ops team effectively strategies the operations on board.
    5. Morning Meeting is the first module that Ops team uses every day. This brings a synergy between various stockholders and teams to effectively plan their activities. System takes the input into various segments. Many of these inputs may lead into actionable items and tracked through Action Tracking & Management. This module also allows user to search the meeting outcomes over a period of time for analysis.
    6. Technical Certificates and Survey Records module helps the technical department to track the expiry dates of technical certificates and survey records. User can download the certificate or survey record through this system. System timely sends a dossier about the items that are about to expire or already expired to various stakeholders for promptly actions.

Commercial Department Portal

  1. This is an intranet system to manage different activities by the commercial department
  2. System is integrated with Active Directory® (AD) for authentication purpose (Windows Authentication)
  3. Developed using .NET 4.0, Fluent NHibernate® and NET
  4. For UI, we used Telerik® RAD controls
  5. All the data will be stored under Oracle® 11g
  6. Key features include
    1. Dashboard where users will see all the notifications regarding the expiration and renewal of bonds, contracts, insurances for the projects as well as the vessel.
    2. Project and Operating Contracts is the place where users maintain different contracts related to the project like new building, conversions and etc. Users define specific milestones for the project management and system keeps track of them. Users can upload the documents against each milestone for verification purpose. System throws notification to dashboard as well as the emails to concerning users for follow-up.
    3. Insurance and Bonds: System keeps track of various insurance and bonds that are belong to organization and fleet. User can renew each bond or insurance upon renewal. Also user can archive bonds which are no longer active.

Projects Department Portal (

  1. This is another portal that includes many systems as modules
  2. As same as Operations Portal, this system also uses forms authentication with duel authentication channels. For internal/organization users system proceeds with AD verification and for external users system proceeds with database verification of the user
  3. Developed using .NET 4.0, Fluent NHibernate®, CSLA and NET
  4. For UI, we used Telerik® RAD controls
  5. System depends on WCF services extensively for AJAX calls
  6. We developed required workflows using K2 Blackperl which were later changed into Workflow Foundation (WF).
  7. During this development, we implemented a custom oracle connector for K2 Blakckperl to help it to read data from our Oracle database.
  8. This system uses Documentum® from EMC as document store. We used Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) to enable the interface between portal and Documentum®
  9. The main modules under this system are;
    1. Vendor Management: This module intended to streamline the vendor registration, product approvals from various disciplines of the projects team. Based on the value of the product or service system automatically chooses the workflow path for the approvals. System supports blacklisting of the vendors and effectively suspends any accounting related activities related to that vendor. We integrated this into existing accounting and payment system. System also provides questionnaire support where a quality manager can dynamically create a questionnaire from question bank. User can assign these questionnaires to various vendors for feedback and evaluation of feedback. System uses K2 Blackperl to manage the approval workflow.
    2. NCR and Observation: During the project lifecycle a quality manager must adhere to compliance from various authorities. This module is to achieve the same requirement where the client or company raises NCRs and Observation over an activity which is not as per the compliance. System provides the KPIs of the NCRs and Observations to help quality manager to track all the activities. System uses K2 Blackperl to manage the NCR and Observation workflow.
    3. Technical Communication: This module it to streamline the process of TQs from various vendors to departments in the organization. System process the each TQ over a predefined workflow defined under K2 Blackperl.
    4. Project Management: This module is to manage the execution lifecycle of the project. Users can assign roles to the users for the specific project. Users can also plan ITRs check and approval process for the various components under the project.


Apart from leading the project development, I am also involved in some of the operations of the organization. Following are the few activities;

  1. PMS Change Requests Management: I took this additional responsibility to mange various system and maintenance job change requests from different vessels. In that responsibility, I bridge the vessels with respective superintends to process the change requests.
  2. Windchill® Deployment and Management: When the organization is planning to move to new document management system, I took the responsibility to drove various departments to formalize the requirements and liaison with vendors to successfully deploy the new system. After that, I am also looking after its well being.
  3. Documentum® to Windchill® Conversion: After successful deployment of Windchill, I made various tool for the IT Infra team to successfully bring over the documents from old DMS to new DMS.
  4. Setup IT systems on new ships: Whenever our company gets a new vessel, I lead the Infra team to successfully deploy Oracle, DANAOS (PMS System), ShipboardApps, DB Synchronizer, Email System and etc.
  5. IT Support for Vessels: I am also responsible for smooth IT systems operations for the vessels. All the IT related queries and support requests are being processed by me.
  6. Applications Migration: When the organization was split from its holding company, I took the responsibility to safely migrate all the application from main servers to our own servers. This includes, forking the data between the databases, application configurations and making changes to code wherever it is required.