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Night Syamalan

Last three months has changed me a lot. I got a now job; stopped touching the laptop when I am at home (of course on weekdays), started reading books and weekend photography. Many of them are good habits except one. That is, I started watching a movie every weekend. Mostly in theaters, but if there is no interesting movie in theaters then I watch one from my stockpile. Whatever the way I must watch a movie on every weekend.


With this new habit, last weekend (date, 18/09/2010) I watched a new movie named “Devil”. This is another “masterpiece” from Night Syamalan.  Most of the movie freaks don’t like him because of his mysterious way of taking movie. If I am not wrong, the one who understands the movie will be him only. Previously I watched “The Last Air Bender” directed by Night Syamalan. My first movie which was directed by Night Syamalan was “Lady in the Water” and later “Village”.


What I observed in his ventures was; he wanted to fuse the Indian way of story telling with western touch. All his movies are focused on the human emotions in different circumstances. Unlike most of the Hollywood movies (what ever I have seen) he never emphasize most on the action or techie stuff. In his movies he never exposes the concrete singular aim or plot. It’s up to the viewer to understand in his own way.


For example if we talk about “Jams Bond 007” movies, the style is clear or the flow is clear. There will be some conspiracy Mr. Bond exposes that and kills the bad guys. Only changes are girls, place and technology. So adding this “masala” any one can make such movie.


Personally I like both styles. I like Bond movies because of the technology that portrayed. This gives me much food to my creative part of my brain (if any) especially when I am toilet. And I like Night Syamalan movies because the way he tells the story. If one starts to imagine then he can come-up with many possible ideas or concepts out of that. Truly I can say one will think again about the movie to understand properly.


Finally, my intension is not to say whether Night Syamalan movies good or bad. I am just sharing his way of dealing the story in the way I understood. Like Night Syamalan, I am not going to conclude the out come as its all depends on the one who is watching the movie and his circumstances. Personally I feel happy (sort of) to watch his movies.