ORACLE: How to escape special characters

We often need to escape special characters while retrieving the rows. To do that there are two ways; Use "SET ESCAPE '{ESC CHAR}' End the select statement with 'ESCAPE '{ESC CHAR}' For example; SELECT SL.SYSTEM_CODE, SL.SYSTEM_DESCRIPTION, SL.SYSTEM_PARTICULARS FROM SYSTEMS_LIBRARY SL WHERE SL.SYSTEM_CODE LIKE 'UOTE\_%' ESCAPE '\' the above statement returns all the systems with system …

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ORACLE: View compiled with errors

Many times when ever we try to create the views under Oracle, often end up with messages like "View created with warnings" or " View compiled with errors". But SQL Developer does not reveal the error. In such cases to know the error actually generated fire the following query in SQL Developed or SQL Plus …

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