HOWTO: Know your windows licensing information

To know your windows licensing information enter the following command in the console; This command will throw you a pop-up with all the licensing information like product key channel and etc..


APPCMD: IIS Over Console

When we do remote deployment what more convenient than a console? Once I got an opportunity to remotely deploy the web application along with supporting subsystems. Therefore I need a batch file to automate the whole deployment procedure. One of the requirement is to setup IIS with new app pool, create VD and deploy the …

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Power Shell: Remote session

This is a very common activity for any system administrator to remotely connect a computer and perform the administrative tasks. PowerShell offers an excellent opportunity to do exactly the same. To remotely connect to any computer use the below command in the PowerShell Here XXXX is the computer name or IP of the remote computer …

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Windchill – Folder level access restrction

Windchill provides a way to manage the user/group access to a particular folder. Below are the steps to follow to provide/deny the access to a folder. Create an ACL with desired access permissions from policy administration. Go to the folder where the access restrictions should be applied and right click on the name Select "Edit" …

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ConEMU, A better way for console management in Windows

For server administrators and deep dive developers console is a vital helper. Some times it is very hard to maintain more than two consoles on the screens. Since they consume a good amount of real-estate on the desktop, it is very hard when you want to run background scripts or self-host WCF applications. The good …

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