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ConEMU, A better way for console management in Windows

For server administrators and deep dive developers console is a vital helper. Some times it is very hard to maintain more than two consoles on the screens. Since they consume a good amount of real-estate on the desktop, it is very hard when you want to run background scripts or self-host WCF applications. The good news is there are few alternatives to default console on the Windows desktop or server. I am regularly using one of them and following lines are some brief account on it.


ConEMU is a short form from Console Emulator. This is really a versatile emulator where you can run multiple console application in tabs.


You can add your own console applications as tasks in this emulator. Once you added, they are available right on the screen to kick off. Also you can run any of the console application as Administrator.


I normally run, default console, admin console, FAR Manager and SQL Plus for my oracle database concurrently for my regular operations.


Another useful feature is, you can copy and command output on this console by just selecting the lines. Once you release the mouse, the selected lines will be placed into clipboard and ready to past anywhere you want.

You can download ConEMU from here.

I will update this post with details about different tasks that we can do this this console emulator.